The Sandbox is a free and fully-featured environment for application development and testing. All functionality of the eCredit Monitoring APIs is supported in the Sandbox environment. A variety of scenarios are available to test against, and you can create an unlimited number of test items.

Sandbox API information has been provided to you as a Postman Collection.


Postman Collections for eCredit Monitoring APIs include pre-defined API calls to help you understand and develop your solution.

To quickly grasp the token flow and sequence of API calls, download and import the "Getting Started" Postman Collections from the Google Drive and the Postman environment we provided to you.
The Google Drive and this documentation contain Postman Collections for each API.


Access Credentials have been sent to you in a Postman Environment upon registration . The Postman Environment is pre-configured to allow you to use the scripts and walk through the Postman Scripts with minimal intervention to aid in understanding the API call structure.


In the test environment it is important that you use the User Test Identity provided to you verbatim. You may change the email address and phone number ONLY.