Getting Started

Before you start

We provide you with a host configuration for our development server and a demo user's identity in a Postman environment.

To quickly grasp the token flow and sequence of API calls, download and import the "Getting Started" Postman Collections from the Google Drive and the Postman environment we provided to you.
The Google Drive and this documentation contain Postman Collections for each API.

  • Direct API calls must originate from your server
  • User API calls must originate from the end-client
  • Equifax API calls must originate from the end-client
Equifax end-points are accessible by first using the User API /users/efx-config response data, and then the Equifax /oauth/token call. As mentioned above, User API and Equifax API calls are intended to be called from the end-client/user's device.

It is not acceptable to pass any of the data to these calls or responses from these calls to your server. Do not save any data. Short term caching is fine, but long-term storage is not.

How it works

With CRS's Consumer Credit API, you can offer Consumer Credit Scores and Credit Monitoring directly as part of your web or mobile experience.

It's easy to add Credit Score & Reports to your existing customer experience by embedding our code into your HTML doc, page or website.

Getting started

First, let's determine the way in which you will interact with the consumer credit APIs. This will determine the type of integration that you require and how to implement the integration pattern.